Anyone else catch Miss Lisa Loeb at THE JEWISH CENTER's  MJE Minyan this shabbos?   I spotted our favorite #1 Single despite the fact that she literally looked like every other decked out cute single Yeshiva girl in thick trendy glasses – but here's the amazing thing: she started that look! Yep, way back in the early nineties Lisa was the  true style originator. (Remember: the Reality Bites soundtrack? YOU SAY STAY…)   

She was incredibly nice and oh so sweet (unlike most JC chicks, ha) – anyhoo here's what she to say to me:

1. Her hysterical reality TV show on E! “#1 Single” is on hiatus  for now – so she can now find a nice jewish boy to settle down with – without all the cameras following her around all day…yay.

2. She's still working hard on her new album – which is due to come out soon

3. She really enjoyed talking to me and she hopes I enjoy the rest of my weekend.

Now, I don't know about you,  but I think it's quite clear that when a one time MTV star and Reality TV queen says to you  “I hope you enjoy the  rest of your weekend”  she could really mean only one thing: let's have a kabbalah love child together.

Either way, I hope Lisa pays another visit to our shul soon, or atleast another visit to Shmuely.

As for the kabbalah love child, I'll leave that up to our AWOL music editor, Arye Dworken, if anyone can find him, afterall they share the same glasses…

check her website here