My friend's got a siddur
but he cant read it
He tries to everyday
He says he doesnt ever feel the proper way
He cant daven and he wont pray.

He sits and he tries
He studies every word
Hes tried every single which way
When he gets frusterated and he throws it away
I ask him why and this is what he does say

I cant pray, I cant pray, no, no way
me and god just dont get along
and I say, and I say, ya, oy vey
Jacob boy, I think you are wrong.

My friend started going to shiurim,
he goes to one everyday
now he sits and davens with tons of kavanah
now all he does is sit and pray!

now he prays, now he prays, yay yay yay yay yay
Jacob boy, I knew all along.
and I say, and I say, ya, oh yay yay yay yay
Jacob, Im shepping nachas so strong!

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