Pastor Rick Warren quotes 'The Shema' (in video below 0:32) – I wish he would have covered his eyes when saying the shema, but seems the whole crowd, including Obama, was head bowed and eyes closed. Good Kavana.

When he started listing names of God (3:59) I was sincerely hoping for him to list 'Baby Jesus', but  he makes up for it with the way he pronounces Obama's daughter's name (3:49) ” SASHA” with such zeal. Seriously I can't stop saying/mimicking it.
Aretha Franklin's Hat is like something I've seen worn at Shul –  Seems like Gossip Girl and Minnie Mouse procreated and conceived this monstrosity which will definitely be the #1 most popular head covering over the mechitza everywhere. Take a look, it's hard to miss.  

Itchak Pearlman is a Golden God. Seeing our true 'Fiddler on the Roof', Itchak Pearlman, of Rechov TzumTzum fame, play his violin on top of the bandstand (ala roof) along with the most PC (Jew, Asian, Black, Woman) quartet ever imagined transcended the inauguration and was a prayer in itself. The heartbreaking violin of a staggering and shlubby genius.

Steven Spielberg in tinted sunglasses – I would have missed him since he looks like every Jewish father you have ever met.  Think of your best friend growing up, then think of their father. See! 

Senator Dianne Feinstein Opening
– Reb Moshe Feinstein would be proud.  I'm not sure he'd be so down with his name being pronounced “Fine-Stine” (very goyish, no?) but we'll wait for his teshuva to come out on that.    

Sasha and Malia are the Rabbi's kids. Watch Sasha learn to Daven (0:22) you'll see as President Obama closes his eyes, Sasha sneaks a look and then realizing it’s a serious time, a time of prayer,  she bows her head following her dad. Is there anything more precious?  

George H. W. Bush Russian Hat – Read My Lips: We are leaving Mother Russia, When they Come for Us We’ll be gone!