• Join this apartment in heart of UWS Jewish community.
• Small bedroom available (9′ x 7½’ w/ good closet; semi-furnished).
• Aptmt as a whole is good sized and furnished: (room for large meals; well equipped kitchen).
. — Building has elevator, laundry, well maintained.
. — Centrally located; 1 block from express subway.
• Apartment is strictly kosher (kitchen is milchig only).
. — Your individual observance (e.g., Shabbat) can vary, but you should be familiar with and respecting stricter observances.
. — Feel free to share/host Shabbat meals and the like.
• We want a mature roommate with a cooperative mind-set, & previous experience at apartment-living/sharing.
. — M or F OK; Over 30 y.o. preferred.
. — We share in upkeep of aptmt & aptmt expenses.
• Rent is: $870 plus utilities; less if you’re on the lease.