Chemistry is like that stubborn stain that refuses to come off. For some students, this is their situation. They are unable to get good grades in the subjects and have to either repeat or cheat their way through the examinations. Some just need a little motivation and they will be good to go. If you are one of those students who do not know how to study for the subject but are willing to, we will share with you our top ten study tips to help you excel in your Chemistry examinations.

1.      Set a time and place

In order for you to study, you need a designated time and place that you will stop everything and start reading. Having these two aspects sorted out is just the first step. When they are a constant, studying becomes easy and void of distractions.

2.      Make it a habit to study

Studying is a continuous process. Make time at specified times during the week and ensure you adhere to your own rules. This will help you master content easily.

3.      Plan your schedule

Avoid postponing or stealing your own study time to engage in other activities. Watching a movie could seem as a fun thing to do but it really is not if it as the expense of your studies especially if it is a subject that you are trying to put your grades up.

4.      Explore your study method

Everyone is unique and has their own learning style that is effective and works out for them, discover yours and use it to enhance your study sessions and make the most out of them.

5.      Review what you learnt

The only way to make sure that what you learnt has stuck and that you have understood is to review it. Try to remember as much as you can. If it is at a considerable level, you are on the right path. If not, then you need to do more revisions.

6.      Take a breather

As much as it is important to focus on your study, equally important is to take small breaks in between to help you refocus your mind. Working non-stop can reduce your concentration and lead to a decline in your performance.

7.      Ask!Ask!Ask!

Do not be afraid to seek for online help in chemistry from famed writing in areas where you do not understand. Chemistry is a complex subject and you are not expected to cover each topic by yourself. Seek help from your teachers, peers and tutors on any matter.

8.      Motivate yourself

Believe in yourself that you are achieving a goal you have set for yourself.  At the end of a given period you will earn yourself a reward for your hard work: good grades.

9.      Assess yourself

It is important to administer tests for yourself to track your progress. This will determine your preparedness for the ultimate exam. It also helps you get rid of any anxiety issues when it comes to facing tests.

10.  Do not neglect yourself

In all these studying techniques and tips, somewhere along the way you may forget about yourself and develop poor eating or sleeping habits. Do not let this happen to you. If your body shuts down, that will be a major setback. Ensure you are eating, sleeping and exercising well as you study.