I’m Shlomo Gewirtz and my room is available for rent while I’m in Jerusalem. It’s in the upstairs part of a 2-bedroom garden duplex near all the West Side shuls, seven minutes from the 5-star Jewish Center kiddush, and only a minute away from the number 1 train which is convenient when she’s texting, “where R U ?”

Like to entertain? The dining area is great for Friday night dinners or Saturday lunches — not to mention the use of my private, landscaped garden. Your only roommate, Daniel Kronengold, serves as a rabbi in the Bronx over שבת, is outgoing, smart and funny when provoked. AC, Wifi, washer and dryer included. A collection of over 1000 books in the flat can occupy your mind when you’re not on Facebook 24/6 or in the kitchen doing laundry, or cooking. Recipes provided. (A recent pew poll shows that single men who cook more than cholent are 46% more likely to find their באשרט before they’re 60.) Come visit, man! !בא לבקר היום

P.S. As a bonus, you’ll get my מקום קנוע at the 7am JC minyan next to rabbis Zirkind and Goldstein. They’re awesome.