Roll on cigarettes is also known as rolls ups, Burns and rollies. These are filled with loose tobacco and hand rolled. Many smokers believe that rolling your known cigarettes reduces the chances of health complications. Cigarette rolls remade by a few ways. It includes cigarette paper and loose tobacco. These are also rolled by machine. These are packed in pouches. Some people also used pre-rolled cigar tubes.

There are some reasons which most smokers prefer RYO cigarettes.


Cost is the most common reason by which RYO is preferred. Pouch of a rolling cigarette is cheaper than a normal or branded cigarette.

Less smoking:

Rolling in hand is compulsory in RYO cigarettes for smoking. Most smokers tend to light up. They can add material according to their choice and desire in rolling paper.


Some people think that people who roll their own cigarettes are somehow edgy. They are nontraditional. This perception is not applied to all those people who use RYO cigars.

Ingredients In Roll On Cigarettes:


Nicotine is considered as the most common and addictive substance in all types of cigarettes.  In loose tobaccos, it is presently in high ratio. It is also used for pesticides.


Tar is basically a sticky brown residue. It stains the end of paper of cigarette. Tar also shows negative effects on health. It is directly related to lung cancer and causes serious complications in bronchial tubes.

Carbon monoxide:

Carbon monoxide is produced by incomplete burning of carbon-containing fuels. Roll your own cigarettes includes a large amount of carbon monoxide.


Tobacco-Specific nitrosamines are the most common carcinogens in tobacco smoke. Normally these carcinogens are present in fewer amounts in green tobacco. Because green tobacco is unprocessed plant leaves. But it is present in large amounts if the leaves are processed.

Benefits Of Roll Your Own Cigars:

Hand rolls cigarettes or RYO cigars enable the smokers to fill the material according to their needs and choice.

It also enables the smoker to roll the cigarette of any diameter. In a large store, it is done by machines. Cigars of different diameters are available.

Most smokers tend to use tar and nicotine in Roll Your Own Cigarettes.

Health Risk Of Roll Your On Cigarettes:

Smoking causes negative effects on the body, either it is RYO cigars or branded cigarettes. Carcinogens are present in every smoking substance. People who are an addict to smoking may lead to :

·         Lungs cancer

·         Esophageal cancer

·         Mouth cancer

·         Cancer of pharynx and larynx


Backroll is a common method of rolling a cigarette by hand. This method involves rolling paper inversion, once the paper is rolled, the gum is licked through the paper and it is separated. This technique was developed basically for multiple layers of paper for smoking.

Prevalence Of Roll Your Own Cigarette:

RYO cigars have become very popular in the United States. But only 6.7% of people use RYO cigars.

·         15% of smokers’ use RYO cigars in Canada

·         22% population use in Australia

·         30% population Use in the UK.