If you are planning a wedding then you may well be having the most stressful time of your life.  You can read through a whole host of magazines and wedding blogs to find a tick sheet of things you have to do.  All of these are designed to give you reminders to try and make the whole process as painless as possible.


However, being a wedding supplierwe are only too aware of a few reminders that should be added to these tick sheets.  Basically, these reminders revolve around logistical issues for suppliers.  When you’re viewing all the venues you can think of at the start of your wedding journey, you get to meet lots of local suppliers who give you some great ideas for your big day.  However, most of these suppliers are probably used to working in these venues, or at least have been there once before. 

We get in excess of 15 enquiries a week and there is always a frustrating issue that crops up.  Many brides and grooms want to book a photo booth but say they just have to check with the venue that its ok.  Our response is always…’it’s your day.’ We have never come across a venue that doesn’t want a photo booth or magic mirror at a function, and why would they?

When you start booking different companies such as cake makers, DJ’s, photo booth and magic mirrors or any other entertainment, it is always worth thinking about access for these suppliers.  Being a photo booth company across Surrey, Kent. London and Sussex, My Fun Photo Booth have come across many venues where it has been very difficult to gain access and get everything set up.  Just 1 example is the weight of the magic mirrors.  As they weigh in excess 100kg, it is hard getting them upstairs, especially tight, narrow stair wells.  Once you have booked a specific company always try and provide them with as much information as possible.  These days you can book online and there is usually an ‘additional information’ box.  Tell your supplier all about the access to the function room, where you would like them to set up and what time they can set up from.  We always try and set up early which helps make sure that your photo booth is up and running on time in the evening. 

After all the stress of planning a wedding you just want the day to go smoothly and everyone to enjoy themselves.  The last thing you need is a company saying that they are going to be late, can’t find the right room or can’t get everything to the room. For more information contact the guys at My Fun Photo Booth.

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