Who benefits from this equipment? Residents who have had
low endurance, stroke, orthopedic patients, decreased strength
and coordination, paralysis. This bike works on the aerobic part
of exercise, coordination, and strength training. The NuStep also
provides specialized attachments for those individuals who are
unable to grasp the handle bars or maintain foot placement.
These attachments sunglasses cap's Jewelry GHDallow passive range of motion for the injured
upper and lower extremeties. The rowing hand movement will
cause the legs to pedal and vice versa, thereby adding muscle
movement, nerve stimulation and blood circulation to help
prevent muscle atrophy and assist in getting the patient back
to a higher level of independence as soon as possible.
Balance System
hip fracture, knee replacement, vertigo, pneumonia,
medication changes, degenerative joint disease, increased risks
for falls due to age, osteoporosis, traumatic brain injury.
This equipment will screen the patient to determine if they are
“at risk” of falling and will design a personalized exercise plan
that will enable the resident to improve daily. We modify the
factors that lead to falls in order to increase mobility and
confidence thereby enabling residents to be more independent.
Our Program consists of: Evaluation, Recommended Exercises,
Interventions and Re-Evaluation. CHI Kid's shoes
Gait Trainer / Treadmill
Who benefits from this equipment? Residents who have had
a stroke, knee replacements, hip fractures, decline in ambulation,
unsteady gait, shuffling gait or abnormal gait patterns, nonambulatory
for a certain amount of time and individuals with
arthritis. The visual biofeedback that the patient