Seder Sidekick 2013 – Mumford & Sons “I Will Wait”



Well Pharoah came home

Heart like a stone

And his heart heavvvvvvvy, wont letem go.

These days of exoDus

Which we've known

Will rememberrrrrrrrrrrrrr, with the shankbone

But MOOOOOOOoses, wont kneel down,

His    people      enslaved, now,

And MOooooooooses wont kneel down,

Let my People go, Pharoah, now


And I will lean, I will lean on youuuuuuuuuu

And I will wait, I will wait  Eliyahuuuuuu


So break my matzah

And lean left,

Well, you enslaaaaaaaaaaved and we won't forget

Know what slaves seen

And leave Eygpt in distress

Now in some way experience exodus


'Cause I will lean, I will lean on youuuuuuu

And I will wait, I will wait for Eliyahu uuuuuu


Now Moses was bold

And Miriam  strong

And held my hagadah alongside my cup

So split the sea

And free us Jews

A free people, let's eat and schmooze.


And Mooooooooses wont kneel down,

To Pharoah nowwwwwww

And Aaroooooon wont kneen down

Don’t make the golden cow

Raise my hands

Split the sea & go

And bow my headddddddd

Where is the afikooo

'Cause I will wait,  is that Eliyahu??

And I will wait, is that Eliyahu???