based on the original song “Summer Lovin” from the Grease Soundtrack

G=girl B= boy T= together

G- shomer lovin had me a blast
B- shomer lovin happened so fast
G- met a bachur shtark as can be
B- met a girl, covers her knees
T- we made our move, once our families approved but OH- those shomer dates

A wella wella wella uh
Tell me more tell me more
does he learn everyday?
tell me more tell me more
Which tehilim does she say
UH huh UH huh UH huh UH huh yeah

B- it all started about a month ago
G- my cousins friend told someone she knows
B- they told my uncles dentists brother
G- who gave this over to his great grandmother
T- she told her neice from out of state and then we were on a date

A wella …
Tell me more tell me more
What kind of kipah does he wear?
Tell me more tell me more
will she cover her hair?
UH huh UH huh..

G- He just returned from shana bet
B- she was the first girl i ever met
G- he looked so dreamy in black and white
B- she looked so pretty in her bullet proof tights
T- he loved gemorah, i love tanach, the match was really geshmak

A wella…
Tell me more tell me more is she still in stern
Tell me more tell me more
Will he go to Kollel and learn?
Uh Huh …

B- We went out on the lobby date
G-  He made sure i was home by eight
B-  At 5:30 i showed up in her den
G- i had the ring by 7:10
T- the whole prcoess was very quick- check ONLY SIMCHAS for the pic

A wella…
Tell me more tell me more,
was there proper hashgacah?
Tell me more tell me more
does she follow halacha?
UH huh Uhuh…

B- I davened with kavana, that for the merrit i should find my basheret
G- in this relationship there was no bitul zman, and very soon youll be my chatan
T-before its done, well be a couple plus one.. but OH- those shomer dayayatessssssssssssssssssssss
Tell me more tell me moreeeeeeeeeee