my rav once told
the world is gonna mold
you have to learn gemara he said..

i was looking kinda shtark
with ny chup and my part
he had a shtriemel resting oh nis forhead

aaand the farhers started comin and they didnt  stop coming
back to gemara so i hit the shtender learning
didnt make sense to learn for fun
your brain gets sharf but your feet get numb
so much to learn so much to see
dont chap why i hafta know rashi
he said youll never know if you go
youll never shteig if you dont grow

chorus: hey now your a bachur get you hat on go learn
hey now your a bachur do you chap- shtus must burn!
all thats tuma is chreft..
careful before a shteiger gets real messed

its a shtus world and they say it gets shtuser
you think your sharf now wait till you get older
but they goyim beg to differ
they only know the satellite pictures

the world we know is getting pretty bad
if you get screwed it ends up real sad
my world's kosher
how about yours
beter do teshuva or you lose all your scores

'hey now your a bachur get your hat on go learn
hey now your a bachur do you chap on- shtus has got to burn…..'