based on "Smells like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana 

Load up on cholent, bring your friends,
its fun to get to shul late and to pretend (you went to haskama)
She’s overly-friendly self-assured,
She'll utterly cry if you say a dirty word.

Chorus 1-
hello, hello, oh, do you know so and so?
hello, hello, no, but do you know so and so?
hello, hello, oh, then you must know so and so?
With the lights out(on shabbos)
it’s a kumzitz,
here we are now make us religious
I feel stupid, like a shaigitz,
here we are now, entertain us (with bad shtick contests).
A mulatto(Sephardic Jew)
an albino(Ashkenazic Jew)
a mosquito(not kosher)
shomer-negia! YEH

I’m worse at what my advisors do best
but for this gift(religion) I do feel blessed
Our little chevra has always been
and always will until the EBB.

Shalom, Shalom, oh, look it's so and so?
Shalom,Shalom, you remember so and so?
Shalom, Shalom, Shabbat Shalom…
With the lights out, I can cry more
here we are now, make havdala
I feel stupid, when swaying like this,
here we are now make us religious.

An advisor(Stern College nerd)
An advisor(YU nerd)
An advisor(Queens College dropout)
shomer-negia! YEH

And I forget just why I still go to shul, oh yeah it makes me smile.
I found it hard it was hard to find
meaning in religion oh whatever, nevermind.


….An Advisor, an Advisor, an Advisor….(in Da nile)