10. Matthais thought the costumie hat was a bit much, but wanted to make a good first impression at the synagogue latke event

9. Dreidel is considering moving to an oil menorah, but his modern orthodox background holds him back

8. Sarena Vanderwoofsen thought she should cover her hair to the public hannukah lighting. 

7.  Ronnie didnt know the 8th and last night of chanukah would be so bittersweet

6. Katarina is dissapointed it has taken this many matches to light the goddamn shamash


5. SarahLeah and Okoboji celebrate an interfaith menorah lighting 

4. Simchi might have overdone it at the judaica store. 

3. Shmuley might have had one too many Lchaim's at the driedel casino night. 


3. Shlomit thought the latkes might be too oily. But she doesnt eat carbs anyway. 



1. Achimelech always has a glass of wine before chanting his grandfather's mao tzur tune.