2.1 million tourists visited Israel at the top of this year. This historic country can expect more as we turn into another year. But why is Israel such a hot topic? 

Many credit the nation’s historic holy sites. This beautiful country has much more. Its beaches are some of the most popular vacation spots on the planet. And you need to explore them. 

There are 137 different beaches in Israel. From the Mediterranean coastline to the dead sea, waterfronts stretch for miles. 

Young Tel Avivians pack the seasides to tan, escape the city, and surf. Yes, there’s surfing in Israel. 

If you’re taking some time to explore Israel after a birthright trip or to see family, catch this. Read on as we discuss the best Israel beaches you don’t want to miss.

Tel Aviv Beach

When you think of Tel Aviv, you picture New York City. This city crowned  ‘Mediterranean Capital of Cool’ never sleeps. Its pulse runs around the clock-24 hours a day. 

Places like the Old Jaffa for dining and Neve Tzedek for nightlife are most talked about. But Tel Aviv has a Mediterranean shoreline. It has a beach life-10 of them! The Tel Aviv beach divides into the multiples beaches for every tourist’s fantasy.

Some of the most popular ones: 

  • Hilton Beach – Great for surfers and dog walking. 
  • Banana Beach – Sit tableside on this beach and enjoy drinks after a game of matkot
  • Dolphinarium Beach – If you love music, this is where you want to be. There’s a weekly music festival, performing artists and drummers. 

Tourists who visit immediately find out their favorite Tel Aviv beach. Pack up your swimwear, visit, and find yours. 

Coral Reef Beach

If you’re traveling with family and you want them to have a memorable visit, this is the beach. 

Put on some snorkel gear and step down into the shallow to see the Red Sea’s tropical elements. This beach has a coral garden unlike any other reef around the world. 

Enjoy some diving and wading while you capture some unforgettable memories of the family.

Mineral Beach

You’re probably seen and experienced a taste of it at a mall kiosk. Mineral beach, located in the Dead Sea, is home to the famous mineral mud.

This mud has mineral benefits that improve and heal the skin. Conditions like psoriasis and skin impurities subside after using dead sea mud as a compress. It’s also used to treat acne and chronic back pain.

So take a dip into the beach’s jumbo mud pit and experience its benefits. If that’s too big, take a personal drift into one of the hot sulfur pools to get the same effect.

When you’re finished, wash off in an onsight shower and take in a show at the beach’s amphitheater.

Visit Israel Beaches!

The nation of Israel is a wealth of history and beauty. Experience the beauty firsthand by visiting Israel beaches.

Each beach has something of value for every tourist or family or tourists. Fill up the luggage with your best swimsuits and sunscreen and visit Israel.

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