This morning's NYTIMES (Denouncing City’s Move to Regulate Circumcision) discusses the city's potential move to require parents to sign a consent order before any ritual circumcision, affirming they understand the risks of their child potentially contracting oral herpes from the metzizah b'peh procedure. (There have been exactly 2 baby deaths recorded in 11 years in NYC).

What caught our attention is the Mohel they feature:  A. Romi Cohn, a Holocaust survivor and real estate developer from Staten Island,  who has performed over 25,000 circumcisions over the past 40 years, trained 80 mohels and published a book on circumcision.   Here is the line:

After each circumcision, he places the thimble-size foreskin in a small jar of sand and ground cloves that he carries. He wants one day to be buried with the jars at the Mount of Olives in Israel, where Jewish tradition says the Messiah will arrive. “

Thousands of foreskins in one portable jar!  While this may remind a few of King David, who collected the 200 Philistine foreskins he killed in battle – it reminded us of DEXTER!  (who keeps a glass encased blood sample of each of his victims and hides it in his AC unit).  

Cool or Creepy?  We'll let you decide, either way this is certainly the wackiest thing the NYTimes has published on religious jews – aside from the whole Metziza B'Peh issue in the first place, oh and that talking fish in Monsey.  

Question: Do you know any other Mohels who keep the foreskins? 

Oh, and here's our Jewified Version of Dexter: for Rosh Hashana