Based on Simon & Garfunkel's Sound of the Silence


Hello, Minyan my old friend
I've come to daven here again
Because had a bad vision softly creeping
Realized my neshama had been sleeping
And the tumah that was planted in my brain still remains
How I wish there was silence

Restless shuls I walked alone
Seeing hearts and minds of stone
Beneath the halo of a Ner Tamid
I turned my yarmulke to a nearby Yid
And my ears were stabbed by the yell of the gabbaim that split minyan
Oh how I wish there was silence

And during davening I saw
50 Yiddin maybe more
They were praying without thinking
They were talking and gossiping
They were telling stories that mentschen would never share
They wouldn't dare
During tefilah they are silent.

Rabosai, you do not know
Lashon Hora always grows
Hear the musar that I will teach you
Watch my finger, I am shushing you
But my pleas they continue to ignore
Oh how I wish there was silence.

And the Kehila bowed and prayed
To the bearded god they made
And the gabbai gave his warning
With the words that he was forming
And they gabbai said the words of the rabbis are written are on the kollel walls
And apartment halls
Yet they talk when there should be silence.