1)That neo-hippie-wannabe who insists on a carlebach kabalas shabbos even though not a single other person in shul is singing.

2)The guy who only davens in Galitziano when he davens for the amud.


4)The guy who thinks there's a chiyuv m'doraissa to klap 32 times on the bima everytime there's a change in the davening.

5)Baruch Atana Melech Haolam…..

6)The one at the 10:00 Maariv minyan who seems to forget that Yom Kippur is 10 MONTHS AWAY!

7)The big chassidish guy at the kotel (you know who I'm talking about).

8)The guy who davens kabalas Shabbos every other week and only knows one tune for Lecha Dodi.

9)The Bar Mitzvah boy's great-uncle who davens because he happens to be the only non-tone-deaf member of the family.  (Is it just me or is it the same guy every time?) 

10)The really humble tzaddik who always tells the gabbai: “I don't actually want to daven, but if you really insist…”.