10. Because there's always that one random really good-looking Heights chick/dude.

9.   No better way to start Ellul than gambling for a roundtrip ticket to Vegas

8.   One word: Slummin'

7.   Two words: Tax Write-off.

6.   Because it will give you that 'crossing the border to gamble' feeling.

5.   You can meet many local artists, writers, editors, and actors …because they can't afford to live anywhere else.

4.   Because High Rollers is a great double entendre.  If you skate up while holding a doobie, well, that would be a triple, but we're not gonna let you in.

3.   Tikkun Olam.  Whatever that means.

2.   Because WSOP is the new SATC.

1.   Because it's a safer bet than the market.

High Rollers in the Heights, Saturday Night, Sept. 6, 10:00 p.m.