10.  Your boss has a hardened heart for scheduling a 4:30PM Friday meeting

9.  Splitting the sea would only reveal the 45 minute backup in the Lincoln and Holland tunnels.

8.  It takes you 18 minutes just to find your keys

7.  You wonder if it's Kosher for Passingover traffic by driving on the shoulder.

6.  The promised-land destination somehow requires an air mattress to sleep on it

5. Gas is almost as big a rip off as shmurah matzah

4. You see God's hand in the creation of the EZ Pass lane

3.  With a might hand and outstretched arm you apply suntan lotion

2. You retell the story of your exodus in as much exaggerated detail as possible at your arrival

1. You experience the ultimate revelation of needing to lose 10lbs when trying to fit in your bathing suit