15. You learned more Hebrew in three weeks in Ukraine then your entire life of private school

14. Your trip can be summed up in one word… “sketchy”

13. It was probably your first and last time ever doing anything NCSY

12. You realize that not having mirrors is really a blessing in disguise

11. Seems like everyone but you went on MachHach last year

10. Your friends back home are amazed at how much Russian you learned, when you only know about 5 phrases, all of which were used to yell at your kids

9. You realize that eating nothing but spaghetti, bread and potatoes for 3 weeks really isn't that bad

8. You learn that songs are not only fun, but useful brainwashing tools too (o chin vazna a bris anya… shallllavim, shalavim… ayzeh kef lilmod torah)

7. You leave your planning session exhausted and are actually relieved to finally fall asleep in your moldy dirty bed

6. Your bi-weekly shower consists of you holding your breath and quickly washing your hair before get hypothermia

5. Swatting off 10 mosquitoes at a time becomes second nature

4. Your campers know one sentence in English “give me please candy”

3. The mafia guarding your camp, ok