15.You run into all the frummies "hiding" at the far (west olive) movie theatre

14)The big motzei shabbos Hangout is 7-11, or maybe Schnucks

13)You know what "Schnucks" is.

12) At least once, you terrorized farm animals (which always made for a great conversation piece to out-of-town friends)

11)Your high school is/was in a shul basement

10) Your brother went to NIRC

9)You can name more than 3 shuls on Delmar

8)You've been to all the shuls on Delmar

7) Every Jew you see on the streets or at the store you can name.

6)You can also name their whole family

5)Oh, and you're related to them too.

4)The big lunchtime hangout was the butcher shop.

3)And 7-11.

2)You know the 7-11 and Baskin Robbins (and Schnucks) workers by name, and they know you.

1)Blinking traffic lights at 9:30 pm are normal to you.