17. Reply shtoa – or kruta to any questions asked about your trip

16. Ask your mom to make sardines and bulichkeez for breakfast

15. Think kasha is a breakfast food

14. Stamp your feet while singing aleynu

13. Spend a long time in the bathroom 1) b/c you can 2) b/c the plumbing is just so damb cool

12. Carry a toilet seat wherever you go

11. Pause between sentences for translation

10. Think bulichki are tasty

9. Scream your bunk's name immediately after benching

8. Eat from a can

7. Plan shtick for your shabbat and weekday meals

6. Add "chik" to the end of everyone's name

5. Make your family sing birkat hamazon out loud

4. Your favorite songs are Acheinu and David Melech

3. Oil is no longer a cooking ingredient but a side dish

2. Ochen Chasleevy

1. The older people at shul complain that you're eating up all of their herring