10. 7Jean's new line: The 770 Jeans

9.  The GAP RED kabbalah bracelet

8.  The Louis Vuitton tallis bag

7.  Politicaly-minded religious gear: The Obamuka Yarmulke

6. For the stylish frum couple: Bugaboo's newest BubaKama-boo stroller/shtender

5. Skinny jeans for the Malnourished yeshiva bochur during bein hazmanim

4. Levi's pre-ripped frayed Tallis give the impression of vintage holocaust heirloom

3. The KosherLamp Skirt: reveals legs in a new light for shabbos 

2. Deisel's 'Vagrant Shneurer' line

1. The little cocktail dress redubbed "the little shmorg dress"