It’s almost purim, and I am sure you are in denial that you have no good costume for your child. Not to fret, take a page and costume from your bubbie and zayde’s drawer!  Here are 10 awesome costumes of kids dressing as old Jews.

10.  Of course I ordered the meatloaf. Who would pass up meatloaf?


9.  I was known to be a real looker.


8.  You need a shidduch? Do I know your family?


7. you know my grandson?



6. That shmendrick doesnt deserve a tip


5. The bingo event raised almost 200 dollars for the temple.


4. I’m the biggest swinger in boca


3.  Everyone needs insurance, am I right? And the grandkids tuitions don’t pay themselves.


2. I can’t hear you doll, but do me a favor and put our some tea biscuits for the guests.


1 The Kiddush setup crew: going on 50 years.

Happy Purim!

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