10.  Charlie Sheen – “Winner” T-Shirt (couple alt.: Jon Cryer – “Troll” T-Shirt)
9.    Natalie Portman – black tutu with pregnancy bump
8.    Lady Gaga – nothing but strategically placed Empire deli meat    
7.    Momar Ghadafi – sunglasses and lots of soul-glo hair product
6.    The Social Network – Bathrobe, Slippers, Poker. (couple alt.: Winklevoss Twins rowing gear)
5.    Justin Beiber – Brush your hair straight down and put on a hoodie 
4.    127 Hours dude – one arm, one dull knife, lots of ketchup
3.    Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Just walk around with the book, and if anyone asks who you are, just respond: “Kalle F@#$% Bloomkvist” then kick them in balls and mace them
2.    Brett Farve – one Brett Favre jersey, no pants
1.    The same costume you had last year, no one was sober enough to remember
runners up:
Chaya Suri – house coat and white chasidish headcovering (or a Crunch and Munch tshirt)
Maccabitch – goodytwo shoes stern girl (HASC Sweatshirt over sweaterset)