10.  Hunger games – Kids must survive the seder on parsley and saltwater  

9.    The Descendants – A Jewish family descends to beautiful Florida only to reveal a deep dark secret: they overpaid on their return flight

8.    The Artist – a silent film about the point in the seder when you actually get to eat

7.    Midnight in Egypt –  a charming story of a man who can go back in time to really understand what it was like to…(dang Woody Allen should've wrote the Haggadah)

6.    The Lorax –   an animated feature about one of the insect plagues you can't exactly explain to your kids

5.    The 3 Stooges – Before there was The Wise son, there were just these guys

4.    21 jump street – Two 30 something guys need to pretend they are teenagers at the Seder in order to still be eligible for the afikomen

3.    Extremely loud and Incredibly Close – stuck sitting next to your annoying must-sing-every-section of the hagadah cousins

2.    Moneyball – it's a cash afikomen

1.    The Help – yes, the cleaning feels as if we were still slaves in Egypt