10. Kahane Chai Dude – decked out in tzitzits & gym tank top who enjoys giving out pamphlets about a militant Jewish group protecting Israel, in Monsey.

       9. The Seventh Grade rabbi – Whose overbearing personality single-handedly helped you come to conclusion that there is no G-d.

       8 Your Ex-girlfriend – And her new husband and child.

       7 The 3rd Date – Couple who awkwardly walks together and hopes they run into others so they won't have to talk to each other

       6 High-school Principal – Adorning the school t-shirt over shabbos shirt & tie.

       5 Ex-Superfrum Guy – Once frum, now off the derech, walking hand-in-hand with Asian super model girlfriend and her Chi wawa

       4. Awkward Jeans girl –  give her a break, it's her first time out of a skirt

       3. Guy who sweats – not sure who he is, but his wool tzitis are making you question religion

       2. The Guy who is walking the exact route you are at the exact pace – Damn I hate that guy!

       1.   That guy/girl you know you know from somplace – only to realize it's just someone whose facebook pictures you've spent hours at work looking at