10. Without baseball metaphors, rabbis would have to rely solely on humor to connect to their congregants 

9. The most popular question asked in yeshivas worldwide: Who won the game?

8.  Baseball hats have hidden 90% of the World's Chillul Hashems committed

7. Taught the world to take off work for Yom Kippur (why Koufax didn't also mention Chol Hamoed is beyond me!?)

6. Shabbat Suits would just be plain dark, if not for the enhancement of the sharp Yankee Pinstripe

5. Keeps the yeshiva boys busy during the summer (preventing them from getting to 1st base)

4. It can bring all denominations together: Heck, i think it worked in “The Chosen”

3. Allows for all Jewish sizes (lanky, balding, cholent belly, nebbish) to fit right in

2. Investing 101: Work in diamonds, Buy commodities (Peanuts & crackerjacks), Save baseball cards

1. Appreciation of both stands on 2 things: 1) Study the statistics of the past  & 2) Practice