10.  He just got the the first aliyah and he ain't a Kohen


9.    Rabbi Marc Shneier is suddenly one of his closest and dearest friends


8.    Choices on his $18, $36, $72 Yom Kippur Appeal slip are in footnoted as (in '00,000s)

7.    The Chazan now waits for him to finish the Shmoneh Esray

6.    His breakaway minyan has a building

5.    The Post Office needs to assign him a zipcode to manage the number of unpersonalized Tzedakah solicitation letters

4.  His chumetz sale is estimated to be worth about 10 million

3.  Yeshiva kids are already contriving gadol stories about his absolute “genius” in buying a $1 lotto card at the local bodega

2.  Rabbi's shiur suddenly entitled: “Lump sum Vs. Annuity: Which is the better  Tzedakah giver?”

1.  The only thing people are talking about are his “Tax Tzures