10.   When the National Anthem comes on, your Kippah comes off
9.    Consider the Davey Crockett hat the American version of the streiml
8.    Kiddush wine choices: red, white or blue (mascoto dasti)
7.    You are adamant that if God would have had July 4th Fireworks instead of Horrifying Lightening/Thunder at Mount Sinai, there wouldn't have been a Golden Calf
6.    Considered if the question: did Colonial Jews wear kippahs underneath their whigs?
5.    You dig the Declaration of Independence primarily because it was written on klaf
4.    You refer to the Founding fathers as The Avos
3.    You find these truths to be… “pushut”  
2.    You actually don't pride yourself in clever tax evasion strategies
1.    You refer to the Israeli flag as the “Star and Stripes”