10.  You swear Yankee Doodle is actually short for Yacov Dovid
9.    Your Davey Crocket hat is a Strieml    
8.    Kiddush wine choices: red, white or blue (mascoto dasti)
7.    The Mitzvah Tank is actually a Ford pickup truck
6.    You describe Fireworks as “an Aish Hatorah”  (bal teshuva)  or “shtatty” (Yeshivish guy from Brooklyn) 
5.    You dig the Declaration of Independence primarily because it was written on klaf
4.    You refer to the Founding fathers as The Avos
3.    You find these truths to be “pushut” 
2.    Your pretty sure you used your colonial hat as your Haman purim costume
1.    You refer to the flag as “Star and Stripe”