in light of Matisyahu and Drake's recent Rap War …

10.   After each rap, the crowd breaks out into chorus of “Mi Hu Zeh V Ayzeh Hu”
9.     Battle began with one guy taking off his borselino and throwing his HASC hoodie over his head
8.     Pretty sure you just heard someone rhyme  “Ghetto Nation” with “Yerachamiel Begun”
7.     Thugs rush the stage upon the trigger word “Chapsim
6.     “Gin & Juice” replaced with “Slivovitz & Herring”
5.      Shukling is required
4.      B*tches and Hos replaced with Mamzers and Shkutzes
3.      Some loser just rhymed “Shkoyach” and “Koach” again
2.      Rap concluded with a elated Kohanim Hand gangsign and screaming “West Coast!” (ie. Mizrach)
1.      Each rapper is taunted by two words:  “Say Better”


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Matisyahu Vs. Drake – Jewish Gangsta War?