10.  Disagreement on where the starting line is. Is it the Green line?
9.    You cry at Mile 18 – Am Yisroel CHAI!
8.    Pretty sure you heard someone say “F*#k, I dropped my yarmulke”
7.    Chabad guy picked a bad place to setup tefillin table
6.    Sheiruts lined up at each mile marker
5.    Kotel women promising an under 4hour finish if you give her tzedakah
4.    Instead of Gatorade, there's a table handing out Falafel power balls
3.    There's a guy seriously asking you to stop for “Mincha, Mincha!”
2.    Must have forgot Jerusalem, cause by mile 24 your right leg has suddenly forgotten it's skill
1.    First time in Israeli history:  Body odor justified