10. You were sure the invitation title,  “Israel dependence Party” was just a mistype

9.  1600 Gift bags consist of eviction notices and a J-street t-shirt 
8.  After a smoke with Obama, Security asks for your right-of-return stamp  
7.  Netanyahu enters with traditional falafel platter and proclaims “We’ve Got Balls!” 
6.  People boo when asked for their “Undivided” attention  
5. Hillary seemed very tipsy and called the non-alcoholic punch/petel an insult to the United States.
4. Party Game “Freeze (Settlements) Tag” a big hit with staffers
3. All party expenses deducted from Israel Foreign Aid
2. Biden showed up 45 minutes late, Obama cancelled wanting to eat in private 

1. Made the night before, Yom Hazikaron Party seem like a rager