10.  What did the Chief Rabbi bless the Chilean Miners?  “You Shall be Holey” 

9.    What's the difference between this rabbi's speech and the Chilean Miners? Nothing, both are pretty boring

8.    Know why the Chilean can't get an Aliyah?  He's a miner  

7.    There's a gemara that discusses the Chilean Miners, it's called Baba Aticama

6.    Hear about the Chilean version of Pirkei Avos:  What's Mine is Yours and What's yours in Mine

5.    You know what they call the 33 miners in Hebrew? Lag B'Oyvasmere

4.    So, you think they got paid overtime?

3.    What's the difference between the Chiliean rescue and this rabbi's speech?  The rescue only went on for 33 hours 

2.   Oy Veh, 68 days in 90 degree heat?  Wouldn't you think it'd be a little Chile?

1.    D'yaknow why noone's ever heard of the YomTov in Chile?  It's a Miner Holiday.