1.  Be real Frum and keep Shabbos an Extra hour so you don't Mechala Shobbos Lemafraya

2.  Make sure to stuff your face with a flaishig Melava Malka, just because Flaishig restaurants are now

     open Saturday night

3.  Tell your wife that there is " Motzai Shabbos" learning special for turn back the clock….

4.  Drive to the pizza store at 11:00 pm, thinking it is really 10 pm, just to see who is out and drive home.

5.  Stay at In-Laws for Shabbos, leave the kids and have an extra hour with your wife(Shalom Bayis)

6.  Hit the latest Minyan possible on Sunday morning

7.  Rip off your babysitter and stay out till 2 and pay her 1 hour less

8.  As the babysitter, change the clocks when the parents leave to put the kids in, so you could be on

     facebook all night

9.  Take a shower this Motzai Shabbos for the first time since last "fall back".

10.  Remember to turn your clock back!