10.  Lox Luther – Only weakness is bagels

9.    Pareve Dishes –  Surreptitiously slips into milk and meat meals undetected

8.   Oddball Hasgacha – Scams unassuming foods into pretending to be kosher

7.   Over-Priced –  can't help marking up anything and everything

6.   Pitum Breaker – can crush your entire Succot experience with a simple flick

5.  The Pen(flipper)guin – his pen flipping during a shiur is both mezmorizing  and annoying!

4   The Mad Hatter – Wears his back hat only in the most inappropriate places  (beach, Great Adventure, sleep)

3.  SefiraFace – After 6 weeks, his wild rat beard in the office makes you reconsider your faith

2.  Shabbos Freeze – Makes all shabbos food taste like leftovers

1   Bad Joker – Guy who wont leave you alone at synagogue kiddush