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Top ten required pictures on

Top ten ways to know you are a Jewish Brit on the West Side

Top ten Jewish Oxymorons

Top ten pressing questions mentioned at the OU Convention

Top ways to bring back

Top ten ways you know you are from Buffalo, NY

Top ten reasons to surf

Top ten signs Santa would make a great 5th grade Rebbe

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Top Ten changes President Richard Joel will make to the YU Campus

Top Ten Names Popularized by the Mishaberach for Cholim

Top ten Jewish Porn Sites

Top 10 First Questions Asked on the UWS

Top ten signs Thanksgiving and Chanukah are Meant to be Together

Top ten signs you Live in Katamon

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Top ten foods, that when they became kosher, changed your life

Top 10 ways you know you have been on too many bad dates

Top 10 Jewish IM Symbols

Top 13 signs you might be from Efrat

Top Ten Most Successful Jewish Brands

Top Ten Childhood Shabbos Pastimes

Top Ten Rejected Onlysimchas Comments

Top Ten English Words you only know due to your Jewish Education

Top ten ways you know you have been on too many flights to Israel

Top Ten TV Basherts

Top Ten Bar/Bat Mitzvah Memories

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Top 17 signs you went on YUSSR

Top ten long lasting effects of Simchat Torah

Top ten signs you are from Jewish St. Louis

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Top ten ways to know you are sealed for a year of happiness

Top 10 ways you know you are going to hell

Top 10 ways you know you are from Jewish San Francisco

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Top 10 most popular skipped parts of davening

Top 10 Talmudic names for Drisha Scholars

Top 10 ways you know you were an OU intern on Capitol Hill this summer

Top 10 traditions to look forward to during the holidays

Top 10 ways you know you are Jewish in Los Angeles

Top 10 Favorite 80's TV Characters who were Jewish

Top 10 ways you know were an OU IPA intern on capitol Hill this summer

Top ten traditions to look forward to during the holiday season

Top 10 ways you know you are Jewish in Los Angeles

Top 10 Favorite 80's TV Characters who were Jewish

Top 20 Ways ways you know you are in Silver Spring, MD

Top ten ways to spot a Yid in Las Vegas

Top 10 Reasons why your crush didn't write your ID number down at the TuB'av 2002

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Top 10 Ways You know You are From Jewish ATLANTA!

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Top 10 ways you know you are a Moshava Wild Rose Lifer

Top 10 ways you know you are davening at the JC Parallel Minyan

Top 10 reasons it is better to stay up all night for Shavout than for Star Wars:

top reasons it is better to stay up all night for Star Wars than on Shavuout:

top 35 Jewish Israeli Misconceptions about Disney

Top 10 bangitout Promo items given away at the Israeli Day Parade

Top 10 Israeli Rally Pickup Lines

Top 10 Ways You Know You're an Orthodox Redneck

Top 10 World Renunciations, due to Arafat denouncing terrorism

Top 10 Rally-Related Headlines

Top 10 Things Recovered in Arafat's Compound

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Top 10 Rejected Jewish Book Ideas from Popular Authors

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Top signs you are from Jewish Minnesota

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Top 10 ways you know you didn't belong at the new year's bash

Top 10 signs you are in Flatbush

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Top 10 Signs you are in an American in an Israeli Taxi first thing in the morning

Chanukah Pickup Lines

Top 11 ways to be unnecessarily mehadrin min ha mihadrin on Chanukah

Top 10 ways you know you're a Jew attending a secular college

You know when your at a kosher aerobics studio when..

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Top 10 most unkosher dishes

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Top 10 Jewish 80's Arena Rock Groups

Top 10 Jewish Rap Groups

Top 40 Synagogue pickup lines

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Top 18 (Chai!) "Al Chaits" of Shtark YU Guys

Top 10 (More) Habits of highly Yeshivish People

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7 Habits Of Highly Modern Orthodox Females

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Top 10 Ways You Know You're In the Five Towns for Shabbos

Top 10 People you kinda wish weren't part of the Tribe

Top 10 reasons to think the restaurant you are eating in is probably not kosher

Top 10 dishes served at an Upper West Side Shabbos Dinner

Top 10 things most likely found on a Jewish resume

7 Habits of highly Yeshivish People

Top 10 things most likely found at Shalosh Seudos

The Kosher Top 10

Top Ten Jewish Porn Flicks/websites

10. Rivky does Flatbush

9. Live Nude Circumcisions

8. Wet 'n' Wild in The Mikvah

7. Yichud Cam

6. Nidah Cam

5. Neurotica

4.Shir Hashirim: The Literal Translation

3. Girls of Stern College

2. Upshirin Gone Bad

1. The Tochacha Live!

Readers Comments: To submit your own comments to this list, please send an email to : and include the title in the subject header. THANKS

From Towel
Instead of The Spice Channel, Jews have "The Besomim Channel"

From Eskar
How can you leave out the most popular and most realistic of all Jewish Porno Sites? Debbie Does Nothing

From DDRFreak219
Here are some other good movies your parents hid from you:
Spice Channel Frumkites Season 1: These women observe the other 612 mitzvot just fine, but have a little problem with tznius. Watch as they bare all...
Enema in the Old City: Two young Israeli lovers, a bathroom....need I say more?
Dildo Saggins: An American girl's erotic journey from Tel-Aviv to Beer Sheva
Ariel Sharon's Hotel Sex Tape: The Israeli Paris Hilton
The Rebbitzin: A new young man comes to town and falls in love with the rabbi's wife.
What results is an erotic relationship that's too hot for TV!!!
I love bangitout!!! Keep em coming!!

From mr_gaylord_m_focker
1) The Pimp Daddy Rebbe - finally a Hassid who is truly zoche to wear a fur hat and a long coat!
2) The Adventures of Shmuley Shtupelstein
3) The Guide to the Perplexed part II - the rabbinically sanctioned pre-wedding picture tutorial intended for the chassan and kallah, stolen by little Moishe from his older sister, Blimah, and spread through Brooklyn's major yeshivas with the help of Kinko's.
4) Off the Derech - a Documentary

From Flamebaby2007
Here are some good Jewish porn flicks:
Saturday Night Spice: After the kids go to bed, see what the parents do with a little passion and a Havdalah candle.
Moishe and Penina Down in Arkansas: See what happens when Jewish cousins move from the big city to the deep south- and follow the customs there.

From jack I can't BELIEVE that no one told you about the gay flick: "SHOLOM AL YISROEL"

From Chayelet:
Rabos Banos Asu Chayil - The under the cover documentary abt why Americanguys really want to go to the Israeliarmy!

-Eamas taking off there shatel

Kohanim-These priests aren't celibate


As always Avinoam is true to form. But what's even funnier is thatsomeone named "BJ" (see below)had additions to the list.
Keep it up, boys.
Frum ettah m.
avinoam... i am soooo proud of you aside from doing stand up next to george carlin i know that your dream is to make these wounderfulll films... and i would be delighted to act in them for you.....miss ya babe...

Aw c'mon, you left out the classic Porn film title: Bava Kama Sutra! Hyuk hyuk! :-)

Frum BJ
Who can forget the all-time yeshiva classic "Devorah Does Da' Rebbe"...didn't that get me kicked out of Rav Eli's shiur once.

And coming this summer, to a Rt. 9 Multiplex near you..."Bangitout...the movie"

Michelle Michelle - A young girl's erotic journey from Monsey to Manhattan

Naughty Kollel Wives - While the husband shtarks the day away, these ladies do some shtarking of a different sort - with each other.

Flatbush Fantasies - Faivelle finally gets laid.

Here's a good gay porn title:

Gayshlufen part IV - The Bad Boys of Borough Park

Frum Gefilte FishStyx

more videos your mommy and tatty hid from you

"Bais Ya'akov Girls Gone Wild"- isn't it amazing what these buchurettes would do when we gave them the camera

"Satmar Sluts part VIII" - this time, they take off the snoods.

"Menachem Mendel does Monsey" - by day he mekarayvs the masses by getting people to try on tefillin. By night, he uses leather straps for some kinky bondage action.

"Aishes Chayil, Mi Yimtza?" - for the few and not proud who like the type that have a plot.......Baruch Dov Ber searches all of Brooklyn for the perfect shigtza.

"Treif Fantasies, Shver Confessions" - Caution, not for the squeemish. Do not watch ANYWHERE near parents.

"Purim of Death" - It all started when Moishe Chaim hit on the Rebbitzin at Congregatoin Shalom al Yisroel (think of Shalom and Yisroel as names). The Rabbi then goes on a murder spree, but not before participating in a massive .

"Geder to Gehinom" - Opie and Anthony host an avierah contest on Yom Kippur Banned in kehilot all over the country.

"Moihel Madness" - need I say more?

"When Bubbe and Zeide were Young" - Behind closed doors in the shteitl, the REAL REASON that they had to get married before the whole town knew she was pregnant.

How about:
Avinoam Miller is going to hell


"Stern Girls Gone Wild"

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