A singles vacation is a great way for Jewish singles looking for that special someone to meet. What can be more exciting than traveling around the world, visiting new countries and sharing the experience with a new friend? Now, let's remember not all Jewish trips are alike. There are many vacation options for the Jewish single to choose from There are travel companies that offer trips that are strictly cultural and others that are also religious and will not travel on the Sabbath. Some of Jewish trips offer kosher meals and others do not. When calling to book your getaway do not be afraid to ask lots of questions. This is your trip, you work hard all year and you deserve to have the most amazing vacation possible. If traveling on Friday night and Saturday is a concern for you, then find out where the group will be located during that time period. If you have a special dietary need, check with the tour operator to verify they can accommodate you. If the main purpose of your vacation is to find that special mate then a Jewish singles cruise might be your answer. Most singles cruises are all about the mingling and meeting. There are usually dedicated hosts and hostesses available to make personal introductions and lots of fun and exciting activities aimed at having the singles meet each other. There is even a special area in the dining room just for the Jewish singles group. If you are planning to travel because you want to see the world and meeting someone special would be an added bonus then you should enjoy a singles tour. It used to be your only choice for travel was the Jewish Federation or your local temple. Now there are tour companies that offer many different trips for Jewish singles with wonderful destinations to choose from. You can choose to vacation with a small group of singles or you can choose a tour with a large group of travelers. Pick an amazing trip or singles cruise that you find appealing and will have a good time on. Do not go on the trip with the expectations of finding that perfect someone and you won't be disappointed. Go on your next Jewish singles vacation with the notion that you are going to have a wonderful time and you will attract friends and who knows…,. Best Single Travel has Jewish singles vacations and cruises. You can check out there offerings here – http://www.bestsingletravel.com/Jewish-Vacations.html