With the election coming up it might be time for you to start sporting your vote on your sleeve, or rather your head.

Today VANITYKippah.com launched it's new line of  political kippahs that I can assure that weird dude in your shul must must must wear for the next 4 months (and then continue wearing for the next 2 years despite the fact their candidate lost and is now just doing Political interviews for the YES network full time – seriously, how many of those weird shul dudes are still sporting the Gore-Lieberman 2000 kippah?)

Anyhoo these are pretty darn hillarious: Check it.   Also the best part of this website the slogan:


1. The Obamica

2. The McCain McCippah

3. The True Vanity Kippah:  Don't You Wish Your Kippah Was Hot Like Me?


Check out VANITY KIPPAH.com today for your favorite Political Yarmulke, and naturally non stop laughs

oh and if you want to get your basketball team, co-workers or the entire state of Texas (or really any other logo) on a kippah check out MAZAL TOPS.com