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Category: Random

Real Angel Caught on Camera? Check This
by Germany - Angel Posted:02-11-2007(Viewed 12090 times)

I was sent this Incredible video from a guy in Hamburg. You won't believe your eyes. These guys were joking around filming each other in his car when they captured this really strange more... flying "creature" in the background. I have no idea what it is - they have suggested its angel....I'm not quite sure what to think..have a look for yourselves

(click the below picture, if this video does not show up above)
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Bangin' Reader Comments:

Given By:
On: 03-09-2007
Rating: 10

It look real to me.

Given By:
On: 12-16-2009
Rating: 10
Comments: I saw the video, it look real to me Donna in Henderson nc.

Given By:
On: 01-14-2010
Rating: 10
Comments: IT LOOK ABSOLUTE REAL TO ME ALSO.                                                 JOHN FROM GREENVILLE NC

Given By:
On: 02-06-2012
Rating: 1

Average Rating7.75 out of 10
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