This week hit one of the following jewish book must-see events:

1. The Annual Yeshiva University SEFORIM SALE….ok let's be honest, nothing is really on “sale,” however; having one room where virtually every Jewish Book ever created is right in front of you makes stocking up on the most insane Jewish books of all time a heck of a lot of fun!

The YU seforim sale is at Belfer Hall at 183rd and Amsterdam ave. in Washington Heights. For more information hit this:

SEFORIM SALE pickup lines:

Top Ten things to look forward to at the seforim sale:

2. The Sothesby “The Valmadonna Trust Library  Exibit. 13,000 books and manuscripts which were primarily collected by one British man, Jack V. Lunzer, who was born in Antwerp in 1924 are now on exhibit at Sothesby's. The collection is valued at 40million dollars and is stocked with the most beautiful and ancient seforim ever seen.  The NY Times wrote about it, now it's time to check it out…

Here is the NYtimes Slide show of the collection: