What the heck is a Menorah flag?!!! (and where do I get one? ) Anyhoo, while THIS story may seem highly unremarkable, it seems as absolutely no coincidence to hear about this little anti-semitic pyro misdemeanor on today’s date- the Tenth of Tevet – the exact day the seige of Yerushalayim began, the prelude to the Temple’s destruction… (BTW: How’s your fast going so far? Sucks? Yeah, me too) …Anyhoo, while I doubt these 3 teens from Tennessee had any intention at all to pull this kkk crap on this exact date- I have to admit, hearing about a burning MENORAH flag on Aseret BeTevet has suddenly awakened me to what the purpose of this fast day is really all about… todah rabbah, guys.

Hashem works in effed up ways… there is no spoon