has taken off from our usual Tribeca Film Festival Coverage and sent two of our favorite correspondants to the Sundance Film Festival out in Park City UTAH! Before we start the exitement let's meet our idiotic movie buffs who will be at every party, film premier and late night rager you can imagine.  check our twitter account for updates @bangitout or search  #bangingsundance  and stay tuned for reviews, photos and celebs right here!

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    My name is Yael Galena, I am a 30 year old woman working in the Television Industry in New York City. I’ve worked on several docu-reality shows in many different and often strange capacities. But who gives a shit right? The real question is what makes ME qualified to tell you if a movie is worth it or not. It’s a valid question, what would a woman who helps perpetuate some of the worst kinds of television characters have to say about an independent film? What would a television enthusiast have to say about “real” art? The answer is simple; I work in the story business. I’m not a novel writer or a scriptwriter, but I know what it is to have a story and to tell it. I’m the person who loves to backpack on her own so she can truly see, feel, understand and know her surroundings. Traveling alone, being alone, allows you to watch people, to understand human nature and to truly trust yourself and your gut. Every single viewer watching a film or a TV show is bringing with them their own perspective. So here is mine: I won’t like something because it’s meant to be liked. I won’t dislike something if it’s meant to be hated. I will bring my own personal viewpoint to this film and I will write about it without the bullshit. My name is Yael Galena, I am a 30-year-old woman working in the Television in New York City, and I want to tell you a story.


    My name is John Giansiracusa, I am a young 32 year old making his way back into the world of entertainment. 10 years ago I graduated with a film degree, attended the Cannes Film Festival, interned at Warner Bros., was a producer's assistant on an independent film and then left Los Angeles. Interning for a high profile Producer I learned that she did not enter Hollywood until she was 30 and within five years quickly rose the ladder and made a name for herself. I thought hell if she can do it, then I am leaving and I'll see you in 8… or 10 years. During that time I choose to travel, live abroad, bounce from city to city experiencing life, always with full intentions of returning to my true passion, film. In October I made the move to Park City, UT not only for one more adventure of living and working in one of the best ski towns in this country. But also to be here during the Sundance Film Festival, in hopes of making some connections. Well I was able to obtain a press pass (thank you and now I am on my way back to what I have always wanted to be a part of, film.