Ivrit b’Ivrit Summer Ulpan in Manhattan

posts by Ronit D. Appel

Date(s) - 08/26/2015
All Day

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Ronit D. Appel, Hebrew Ulpan


Please visit our website www.ulpanronit.com for more information about our summer ulpan.

We offer fall, winter, spring, and summer ulpans. We have ulpans for every
level; beginner, intermediate, advanced, and academic (beginner academic,
intermediate academic, and advanced academic). Please contact us to
determine which level is right for you. We offer ulpans for high school
students and ulpans for adults.

We offer private, two-person, and group ulpans. Our group ulpan classes are
small in size with no more than four students in each class to ensure
personalized attention for each student.

We incorporate Israeli culture into our ulpan. Israeli newspapers, movies, and
songs are important components of our ulpan.

Our ulpan is ideal for people making aliyah and American students planning on
studying at Israeli universities, seminaries, and yeshivot.