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Date(s) - 03/13/2015
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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The JCC in Manhattan


Join us for a collection of short films:COACHING COLBURNDir. Jeff Bemiss, 16 min, USA, DocumentaryJames Colburn was born with Fragile X Syndrome. At 26, he is a child at heart who finds joy in small things and uses his gift of comedic timing to inspire those around him. GUEST ROOMDir. Joshua Tate, 14 min, USA, NarrativeA young woman with Down Syndrome grapples with her identity and her potential as a motherafter an unplanned pregnancy with her boyfriend. THE GIFTDir. Spencer Harvey and Lloyd Harvey,16 min, Australia, Narrative
Grace is forced to face her own sexuality and the strain on her marriage when her son Charlie, who has Cerebral Palsy, asks to lose his virginity for his birthday. HEAR THIS!Dir. Soulaima El Khaldi, 15 min, Netherlands, DocumentaryWhen 10-year-old Tristan wants his dad to become the trainer of his soccer team, the club won’t allow it because his father is deaf. Tristan decides to prove them wrong. THE HYPERGLOTDir. Michael Urie, 25 min, USA, NarrativeJake speaks many languages but when it comes to the language of love he has a lot to learn. THE KISSDir. Charlie Swinbourne, 7 min, UK, NarrativeWhen a couple on a first date strikes up a conversation with the couple on the next table, theyfind themselves witnessing a very unusual kiss…. MIDFIELDDir. Pedro Amorim, 6 min, Portugal, DocumentaryAn ordinary workday in the life of a stevedore, who executes hisjob with surprising grace and simplicity — but when Sunday comes, an altogether different manemerges. ON BEAUTYDir. Joanna Rudnick, 30 min, USA/Kenya, DocumentaryPhotographer Rick Guidotti left the fashion world along with its restrictive parameters of the industry’s standard of beauty and re-focused his lens on those too often relegated to the shadows. Q FILMDir. Alice Elliot, 2 min, USA, DocumentaryA man enters a pool area, gets out of his wheelchair, and goes for a swim. RIDING MY WAY BACKDir. Robin Fryday, 29 min, USA, DocumentaryWhen Staff Sergeant Aaron Heliker returned from multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistanwith traumatic brain injury, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, third-degree burns and nervedamage, he was introduced to the unlikeliest of saviors: a horse named Fredand. ROLLING ROMANCEDir. David Conley, 28 min, USA, Narrative
Orson and Janice, two twenty-somethings with muscular dystrophy, go on an Internet date. SUPERDir. Samara Hersch, 6 min, Australia, NarrativeA mockumentary in which a supermarket manager saves the business when he discovers hisemployees with disabilities have super powers.