Tips to Increase Home Security: DIY or Hire a Professional

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Date(s) - 06/29/2021 - 06/30/2022
12:00 am

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As a homeowner, you should know how to protect your home. The following home security tips can help you avoid unwelcome break-ins:

  1. Lock the doors, windows, skylights, etc.
  2. Think of all the places which can be vulnerable and make a detailed plan on how to make your home secure.
  3. The best way to secure a door may be to install a door that uses iron or a steel core and add screws to the strike.
  4. Don’t forget about ways on how to secure windows which are using metal window bars and grilles, reinforcing window glass, covering it with protective film, etc.
  5. You can install smash-proof or burglar-resistant window glass as well.

In order to prevent garage door break-ins, it is recommended to disable the emergency release lever, or lock it, and remove the cord.

Keep a trained guard dog

It can deter thieves. However, don’t leave dogs outside as burglars can give them food (often poisoned meat or sausages) and then get into the house.

Install and maintain a home security system

Try to understand how your security system works. Statistics show that 54% of home security system owners are unsure of how to operate their system. And burglars take advantage of such ignorance and find gaps that can be exploited. Thus, the best ways to secure your home are to ask a security system specialist to install the equipment and explain how it works.

It is also preferable to hide the main keypad from others. The surveillance system can help record thieves and the robbery in process. Damien Girard, a homeowner from Massachusetts, caught robbers breaking into his home on live video and called the police right away.

Hire a professional

Home security companies can help choose the right package, install all the equipment, and provide you with the necessary information and customer service. However, it is recommended to study the contract with all its terms and conditions carefully before signing. For example, you should know how to cancel it.

In this review on, a consumer decided to downsize and sold the home. According to the contract, to cancel it, the company should have been provided with a 60 day written notification and settlement documents for closing proving that he/she moved. 

“…I was extremely frustrated and left a voice mail that reflected my frustration because I had done everything the company had requested and continued to be billed. The collection rep called me back and was the only person that told me that I had not fulfilled the full term of the contract so I was responsible for 90% of it, whether I had it or not…”

As a result, the security company wanted over $1,700 for services that were not used.