Winter Week- Legend, History, and Halakhah

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Date(s) - 12/22/2015 - 12/24/2015
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Legend, History, and Halakhah: Rabbinic Judaism in the Context of the Hellenistic World
The rise of Greek speaking Jewish communities was culturally fraught. Judaism, with its emphasis on the particular destiny of the people of Israel, did not cohere easily with Hellenist ideas of universality. Professor Vered Noam will explore Second Temple history, a unique site of encounter between the two civilizations, as reflected in works representing both cultures: Flavius Josephus’s works, which employ the Greek language and the historical format bequeathed by Hellenistic culture, on the one hand, and Rabbinic Literature on the other. Professor Hindy Najman will trace the tensions between Greek and Jewish ideologies and how they both came to be a part of Hellenistic Jewish communities. 

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Collegiate Track available. Email for collegiate application.

Tues, Dec 22, 10-12:30 – “From Prophets to Sages: John Hyrcanus and a Heavenly Voice” with Vered Noam

Tues, Dec 22, 1:30-4 – “Hokhma and Sophia: Extremes Meet?” with Hindy Najman

Wed, Dec 23, 10-12:30 – “Dead Sea Scrolls within the Babylonian Talmud? The Rift with the Pharisees” with Vered Noam

Wed, Dec 23, 1:30-4 – “Translating Cultures across Linguistic Divides: The Making of the Septuagint” with Hindy Najman

Thurs, Dec 24, 10-12:30 – “Unity, Schism and Foreign Culture: The War of Hyrcanus and Aristobulus and the Murder of Onias” with Vered Noam

Thurs, Dec 24, 1:30-4 – “Becoming a Sage and Efficacious Prayer in the Ancient Jewish Diaspora” with Hindy Najman