Who needs parsha sheets or something 'nice to say on the Parsha' when you have this:


A new card game for kids was unleashed to the world today with fun easy Jewish questions for kids.  Whip em out at your shabbat table and see either of the following:

a. How competitive kids can get trying to remember who were Moshe's siblings

b. How ridiculous it is that your kids can't answer half the questions (after all that dough spent on Jewish tuition!)

c. How in need of a torah 101 class you are – since you yourself have no idea…

Each card has 4 questions on it on People/Heroes, Shabbat/Holidays, Mitzvot and Teffilah.  

Most of the questions are fairly universal and great for kids (“what holiday is it a customary to eat dairy and stay up all night?”)  some are lot more out there: (“who is believed to author the Zohar?”) some are down right hard:  (“What city was Abraham born in?”)

Either way – everyone learns something and the cards are great thing to have handy if you have kids. If you don't have kids – this may be the first opportunity to start a Torah Trivia drinking game.  (stay tuned for the bangitout version of those)

Order a deck of cards here: www.shabbatshowdown.com ($12 a pack) tell us what you think!!  we dig em!